My Ricochet ID is ricochet:npcqeozg2fl4casm and I try to check it once in a while.

Normies, journalists, and solicitors that want to contact me can sign up for Earn. Search for weev0 (that’s the number zero at the end). They will collect $100 from you for the attempt, and you will keep your money if I do not reply.


I am one of the major progenitors of today’s Internet trolling culture, and cited by the world’s largest alt-right site The Daily Stormer as a formative figure in what is now the modern dissident right. I am currently a political refugee in various parts of Eastern Europe after being imprisoned on false charges by ZOG. I am a crowdfunded political commentator for a living now (send me money I don’t have no trustfund like Dickie Spence).

There are thousands of international media pieces mentioning me, both as a commentator and as a story, due to my involvement in dozens of major events, many of which shaped world history forever. I am the star of a couple feature length films, The Hacker Wars and Troll Inc. There are dozens of songs written about me and one is on a Billboard top ten album. I am the subject of entire chapters of various books put out by respected academics. I have not yet begun to cause trouble.

To not talk too much about myself, I’ll let others do the talking for me. Here’s some quotes about me:

“Offensive and witty detail„ —Fox News [in ‘Hacker: I Was Behind Amazon Gay Book Delisting’ 2009]

“Think Shakespeare’s Puck„ —Taylor Buley, Forbes Magazine [in ‘Amazon: Caught In The Act’ 2009]

“has demonstrated himself to be a menace on the Internet„ —Assistant US Attorney Zach Intrater [in bail hearing]

“An American hero„ —Cyan Banister, TechCrunch [in associated video for ‘You May Take Away My Freedom, But I’ll Always Have My Crunchie!’ 2013]

“Weev laughs.  He laughs a laugh I recognize. It’s in my own bones. It’s like me talking to my friend who grew-up in London and jokes about Enoch Powell’s river of blood metaphor, whereafter I’d ask why on earth do you think it’s a metaphor?„ —Weimar Republican, My Posting Career