The Question Reddit Suspended Me for Asking

Today Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the ADL, is doing an “AMA”, which stands for “ask me anything.”

I took that at face value, and asked him a very important question. The question was deleted within seconds and no longer visible on the subreddit. Now my account is suspended.

My question is not spam. There is nothing objectively offensive with it. It contains no abusive language, it is well cited, and it is an important question to ask someone who has just raised millions of dollars under pretenses that appear quite suspicious.

For your perusal, here are the links within my post:

We have what looks to be ADL employees running a coverup and trying to pin responsibility for Israeli terrorism upon an American citizen (me). When I try to ask questions about it, they are deleted and I am suspended from the services those questions are asked on. I have written extensively on this, but no reporters seem interested in the ADL cooperating with organized terrorism. The media has largely memory holed this story, but I am left with the fact that the world’s most prominent Jews attempted to frame me for terrorism to cover up for their own kin committing crimes and nobody seems to want to hold them accountable for that. Very strange.