A response to Paul Ramsey’s boomerposting

I am put in the uncomfortable position of needing to come to the defense of Richard B. Spencer. As regular readers of this blog may know, I am amongst Spencer’s fiercest critics. However, there’s something that’s far worse than Richard Spencer. These things are even worse than a Jew, they are (may Wotan forgive me for uttering this word) the boomers. We must come up with an answer to the boomer question because there is no more vile, base, or low form of life on the planet than these people. Today Ramzpaul is busy on Twitter making absurd claims and I’m going to expose this lying boomer faggot.

Firstly, Spencer and I have never been associated with one another at any point. I believe years ago, before I was banned from Twitter, I sent Spencer a DM to insult him for inviting that sodomite Jack Donovan to his conference. That’s the limit of my contact with him.

Secondly, I am hardly Jewish. Years ago, before Ramzpaul was even involved with nationalist political causes, I was creating the foundations of racist shitposting meme culture by creating a series of videos and podcasts called the iProphet (here’s a sample, but most has been permanently lost to shoah and FBI hard drive seizures) as well as making the lulz a serious political dialectic and building up a site called Encyclopedia Dramatica into the Alexa top 1000 range, which made it the biggest site with a significant body of racist humor in world history. At its peak it was significantly bigger than Daily Stormer. It got my pseudonym, Joseph Evers, indicted for human rights violations in Australia because of its article on abbos.

Anyways, this era of memes resulted in the FBI trying to frame me for a threat to a synagogue. Seriously, an informant called in a threat to a synagogue and then they release my name and license plate saying they want to find me so they can investigate my connection to it. They never released the informant’s name that actually made the call.

Anyways this resulted in me being doxed and lots of people attacked my parents. My parents did what Mike Enoch’s family did, which did everything they could to signal against me. During this process, my mother claimed that I had a great-great grandparent that was Jewish. I took it at face value at the time and thought it was funny. It turned out not to be true, as /pol/ has gone through my ancestry to the early 19th century and found only Mennonites. It is absolutely hilarious to see you fed shills turn around and claim I’m a kike as a result of statements that were extorted from my shitlib mother under threat of JDL and antifa because I built modern trolling culture and the Internet racism that extended from it- which is the only reason why this movement is even a thing at all you dumb boomer fuck.

This is straight up retarded. He is multiplying the total sum of all 187 Bitcoin that address has ever received and multiplying it by the current all-time high price of Bitcoin. Or at least, he tried and did the multiplication wrong (even the SPLC managed to do this right). This month it has received a total of 0.19240638 BTC, or about $1100. Less than the previous month, in line with the monthly average this past year. Hardly a giant pile of riches. If you go back in time and see when I started doing operations for the WN sites you’ll notice the nominal dollar amounts took a gigantic dive as well. Which means I started making a lot less money since I started doing WN stuff, FYI, because nobody else was up to the task and I believe in it. I’ve also repeatedly sought out a qualified replacement (I don’t actually like working at below market rates, trust me) but have yet to find one that has the appropriate temperament, skill set, and willingness to actually do the fucking work.

What about you, Ramz? Have you sacrificed lucrative opportunities, been harassed by federal agents, imprisoned, tortured, and driven from multiple countries for the cause of European renewal? Nope, you bring perfidious Jewesses to meetings in federal buildings.

Yes, the payouts are regular because I work for a living you dumb fuck. Fuck off with your cheap fed suits and your decades of no employment history, just go bring more kikes to meetings in federal buildings. Everyone knows who the fuck I am working for and what exactly I am fucking doing, but what about you? Where did you come from? What were you doing in the decades before you managed to become le nationalist COINTEL infiltrator? Oddly fuzzy bit of history you’ve got there.

The charge of “fake Nazis” is most ludicrous of all. I have repeatedly said that every time I use the term “neo-Nazi white supremacist” it is entirely tongue-in-cheek. I have never been a “Nazi” and don’t know what that term means in the modern era outside of the street goons like the NSM who I’ve never had a conversation with and want to avoid entirely. For years now every time I am asked a sincere question about Hitler, National Socialism, or my political ideology I talk about memes and how I don’t actually think the record of Hitler is great at all. I usually identify with the governance style of Franco or Vargas, who managed to implement fascism without getting involved in massive world wars. Here’s an instance from February of last year to show I’m not making this up:

When we say the phrase “neo-Nazi white supremacist” the purpose is to troll retards like journalists, Jews, and boomers. Only an infantile boomer thinks Adolf Hitler is “the ultimate evil”, as Ramzpaul claims, or that Adolf Hitler is the beginning and end of fascism. Good job Ramzsaul, you filthy, dumb, boomer scum.

Anyways if the feds are shilling this hard against Spencer maybe he isn’t all bad. Either that or it is staged to make me like him more.

Richard Spencer-Appointed AltRight Official Attempted Sexual Humiliation of 14 Year Old Under Threat of Doxing

I have uploaded a video to PewTube because the dozens of people that put it on YouTube all got their accounts banned. Please mirror it if you can. Somebody is really keen on not letting this recording get out there. It’s a recording in which a man is attempting to sexually humiliate a 14 year old boy, demanding he sing a song about “daddy’s cummies” under threat of doxing (Internet slang for a public revealing of someone’s identity, with subsequent abuse and harassment). The man doing this act of perverse extortion goes by the name TheBigKK on most of the Internet. It’s useful to listen to the whole thing, including the mania he enters at 7:22 up until the beginning of the maniacal laughter at 7:38 or so to get a real idea of the kind of sick individual we are discussing here. It might seem odd that Google might want to help cover for some random Internet pervert, but it turns out this recording has a fair amount of political relevance.

The media-coronated “leader” of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, made this BigKK character a guest author on his current flagship publication. He ran Spencer’s main stream with “pre-game rundown” commentary for the Charlottesville debacle. Most notably, he controlled Spencer’s Discord chatrooms, where he was given full access to everyone’s communications and did pre-show setup for all the AMA sessions there. He implemented “vetting” procedures which first required people to submit pictures of their faces (very conveinent database to build, I am sure) but after backlash just had people submit pictures of their hands to “prove they’re white”. This is obviously not a way to prove anything, as infiltrators can easily take pictures of other peoples hands even if they’re not white. However, if people comply in earnest lots of them are going to have enough in the EXIF data of the images to compromise their home addresses at the very least.

TheBigKK had a long history of participation in the “furry” community. Over a decade, by his claim. For those blissfully ignorant, “furry” is a fetish subculture where twisted men attempt to lure in autistic or emotionally damaged teenage boys with mascot-style animal costumes and sexually abuse them. It obsesses over children’s cartoons involving talking animals and creates pornographic animal caricatures. It is steeped in pedophilia and bestiality. What kind of blackmail material might hang over any individual involved in this kind of space? What might their interest be in involving themselves in reactionary political communities?

Spencer was warned about this TheBigKK character dozens of times by notable figures in private. He was also informed in public many times as well, ranging from Twitter:

… to the comments on articles at his flagship publication. Spencer ignored any public notifications of TheBigKK’s sexual deviance and handwaved away any private correspondance with the claim he was “good at running a Discord.”

I know a guy who is the most prolific and targeted producer of white nationalist content in the world. International process servers in two different federal cases have hunted for him. People want to kill him. Multiple intelligence organizations are looking for him worldwide. The location of his residence is a valuable and precious secret, and he shared it with Richard Spencer in confidence. Later he agreed to do an AMA on Richard Spencer’s Discord server. In the pre-show tests, with this BigKK deviant and others present, Spencer blurted out the location of this author’s residence. He was appalled, but wrote it off charitably as a potentially drunken lack of consideration and thought on the part of Spencer.

I, myself, remain unconvinced of that. Spencer’s repeated lack of concern for the welfare of those around him starts to emerge as a pattern of malice. It’s a firmly established modus operandi at this point to expose others to risks to build his brand, perhaps in the hope that he emerges as the last man standing to negotiate himself a tiny “ethnostate” with ZOG, essentially a reservation for white people to go to die under Spencer’s “leadership”.

When you engage with Richard Spencer’s infrastructure, when you participate in his communities, when you send him money, this is the kind of people that you entrust with your safety and identity: perverts who are even willing to use the private information of others and the positions of trust given to them by Spencer to try to sexually humiliate children that show interest in nationalist issues. Children that should be being protected and educated. Spencer will present his abusive perverts with non-public information even about the most sensitive individuals in the white nationalist movement who have the most to lose. This is the baseline of what I know to be true.

The sexual extortion of the 14 year old was nearly buried and forgotten. The excuse for the silence at the time it happened (right before Unite the Right) was that TheBigKK was too important to UTR and Spencer to remove at the time, but I was assured that the concerns would be publicly addressed after the event. Now it has become clear that they intended for this particular episode of Spencer’s mismanagement to be forgotten. I will not let it be so. Spencer is going to be held to account for this and every other one of his failures in public, at the very least until he shows an extremely impressive amount of contrition.

This is the clusterfuck you get when Spencer has a tiny, insignificant publication and a chat server. Imagine what you’ll get if you ever see him try to build a nation or government coalition. He is not the kind of man that can be the face of anything successful. This is why he operates with the consent and encouragement of the media establishment– free even to tweet with a blue check mark of all things. He’s exactly the kind of figure those that run the media want: surrounded with degeneracy and corruption, doomed to eternal failure, repulsive in tone and demeanor to any normal individual, with a pile of kompromat a mile high hanging over his head to make sure he never steps out of line. Everything around him falls into decay, with all the media establishment smiling and pointing cameras at him.

This is the kind of person unearned money creates. Choose your leaders well, and make sure they aren’t sick narcissists with total disregard for the welfare of everyone around them.

This is the second in my series on Richard Spencer. Here’s the first. If you’re enjoying these, don’t worry, I’ve got several more of these posts to write, and I’m going to be writing one every time I see Spencer narcissistically seek public attention for himself. I for one am tired of Spencer giving half-assed drunken speeches doubling down on his previous trainwrecks. It’s time for him to go home. He is pure poison to the movement, and if he insists on sticking around his entire history of degeneracy and perversion is going to brought forward.

You can’t handwave this stuff away, Dickie. You have some problems to deal with.

Richard Spencer Wants You to Go to a Rally With Guns (Please Don’t)

Richard Spencer has been a source of catastrophic loss for all who stand beside him.

Brimelow and Taylor spent tons of their time and resources to put Spencer in the place he was in and he turned around to burn them. I don’t like Brimelow or Taylor, but I like disloyalty even less. I don’t build up trust with people only to fuck them to feed my own drunken narcissism later. If Spencer hadn’t of burned them he’d be an actual lobbyist on the beltway working for the interests of white Americans, but he managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

His repetitious stint as a publisher has not worked out so well. Taki thrived better under editors that came after him. AlternativeRight.com, Washington Summit, and Radix Journal were abandoned. He keeps doing the same thing and not realizing the constant in these failures is him.

My ability to hold my tongue about Spencer ran out with Charlottesville. If he’s gonna do strategically disastrous things he could have been tactically effective at them.

Holding the line and giving speeches as the tanks from the National Guard drove up would have been some Tiananmen square tier optics. Instead, thanks to total lack of competence from Spencer he went back to his hotel room and told people to flee the city. A rout from the jaws of victory.

Our guys were pelted with urine and bricks, fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools, run out of cities, and jailed without bond for Richard Spencer’s photo op. Which, surprise, is what everything Spencer involves himself in is really about.

What is Spencer’s end goal?
How is he reaching this goal?

Apparently, by trying to get some of your fool asses killed.

Today saw the announcement of the newest of Spencer’s rallies.

This is a repeat of the Charlottesville formula. Spencer gets top billing, an easily disavowable organizer with no reputation gets to take the fall while he says “tee hee it’s not my rally I’m just a speaker.” Only this time they are going to escalate the situation with guns. Seriously, it’s on the event page:

Bring your torches, guns, armor

Guns are inherently escalatory. Even if you don’t use them they can ruin you because in North Carolina any felony they charge you with becomes a firearm-related felony, and that matters in the sentencing guidelines let me tell you what. When the feds were coming last time I sold every gun I owned because I was worried about being hit with gun enhancements for a computer crime charge.

Cops also have an excuse to start shooting at you all if for any reason they “feel threatened” and since this is also on state property they have the statutory authority to immediately arrest you:

It shall be unlawful for any person participating in, affiliated with, or present as a spectator at any parade, funeral procession, picket line, or demonstration upon any … public place owned or under the control of the State … to willfully or intentionally possess or have immediate access to any dangerous weapon.

That turns the existential risk dial all the way to maximum.

This is a nog city. Lots of nogs. Whites outnumbered. There is going to be fights and trouble here, and there are also going to be guns.

Yesterday Spencer asked me by proxy to stop criticizing him. In response I relayed back to Spencer a request to share in the sacrifices that we need to make in the wake of Charlottesville and help with Cantwell’s legal fund. I went to sleep hoping that I’d see something positive on that front when I woke.

Instead I wake to all my guys telling me that they’re being asked to go to Charlotte to join an armed mob of lunatics.

Yes, I’m sure that Richard Spencer did not personally direct anyone to bring guns to a rally. However, he’s once again hopped into a rally with virtually unknown parties, and they are saying to bring guns. Who are these people? Why did Richard Spencer ever agree to work with them? Why do people that are not him have a better perception of the rally’s risks than he does? That he personally did not tell you to bring guns is irrelevant. He’s incompetent enough, as usual, to work with people who will say dumb shit like this. This is what Spencer always does. He’s going to get people hurt even worse than he already has.

Please think carefully about the potential risks of this situation. I beg you, do not show up to this thing.

Richard Spencer acts like someone with a trust fund of his size. Arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, jumping from project to project without any desire to bring any of them to completion. Aimless, rootless, planless. This time, he’s going in planless with guns.

Most of the people Spencer puts on his payroll are utterly fucking rotten. We have that furry that weirdly sexually extorted the young shitposter under threat of doxing, the embezzler, the obsessive COINTEL infighter in Japan. These people are poisonous. These are the kind of people that you do not want in any trench with you. Not one person on his payroll stops him from hopping in bed with every random person from the Internet that invites him to an event. This is the kind of staff Spencer selects for: those that will always tell him yes, despite any impending damage it will do to him and others.

I could sit here all day and shit talk his political incoherence, how he is pro-EU where it harms nationalist sentiments (he opposed Brexit) and anti-EU where it helps good nationalists (he opposes Ukraine, where EU money and weapons get funneled to their totally awesome death squads). I could talk about how I hate his faggy uptalking. I could talk about how every hard prediction I’ve heard out of his mouth has been obviously absurdly wrong. I’m not going to spend time on this, because the political differences don’t matter anymore.

What matters is he works for nothing but his own benefit in ways that cause damage for our guys, and he shows absolutely no contrition about it. He shows nothing but contempt for the little people that subsidize his photo ops with their money, blood, and tears.

I am done with Richard Spencer, and you should be too.