Cocaine Includes Poisons Intended to Harm Only White People

Most of the cocaine found in Western nations contains a pharmaceutical deworming agent called Levamisole. It can cause severe systemic vasculitis, most famously leading to the disgusting rotting black skin on the face and ears as displayed above. It can trigger a host of autoimmune reactions as the body begins to attack its own organs. The most severe of these is glomerulonephritis, damage to the glomeruli in the kidneys that subsequently prevents proper blood filtration and leads to death.

Levamisole Induced Necrosis Syndrome (LINES) is a complication of adulterated cocaine recognized in 2011, caused by the use of levamisole as a cutting agent for cocaine.

The commonly perceived reasoning behind the placement of Levamisole in cocaine is as a bulking agent and potentiate, thus increasing profits. I have found that the evidence for this points to something else entirely. The placement of Levamisole in cocaine is specifically an attack on white European populations. I am sure that anyone attempting to publish this obvious truth would not be allowed to speak in any peer-reviewed journal, so I must leave the fallacious reasoning to the so-called scientists and highlight the evidence on my humble blog.

Levamisole does not affect all populations equally. Reactions are modulated based on the presence of an antigen in the blood called HLA-B27. HLA-B27 is not evenly distributed across the planet. The B27 allele is present less than 2% of the time in Mongoloid populations. It’s present up to 4% in mestizo populations, though that declines the more Indio blood they have. It’s similarly present in 4% of North African populations, due to European admixtures, but not present at all in sub-Saharan African populations. It is present in 8% of whites, more than any other race, though this follows a latitudinal gradient. The more Aryanized the nation, the more prevalent the gene. At the northern tip of Scandinavia in Lapland, a quarter of all people have the HLA-B27 allele.

Levamisole is perfectly geared towards the destruction of the Aryan race. The whiter you are, the more harm it is likely to do to you.

The distribution of Levamisole as an adulterant strangely inverses on the same latitudinal line. Analysis of cocaine shipments by the British government revealed that 80% of the imports to the country contain Levamisole.

The warning comes after Lib Dem minister Mr Baker ordered an analysis of seized cocaine shipments which showed that around 80 per cent contained the medicine.

In Southern Europe we see far less of the reported cocaine samples contaminated with Levamisole. As little as 6% in Southern France, 36% in Spain, likely because these areas contain far more cocaine diverted from African markets. (Eiden, Peyrière, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 2014) If Levamisole was a bulking agent and potentiate designed primarily with profit margins in mind, it would be more present in the areas where profit margins are much slimmer due to poorer populations like Africa and Asia. Instead it is specifically distributed more often to locales that have white European populations, which are the only ones that will be harmed by the side effects at reasonable frequency. The distribution of levamisole is done without regard for any economic pressures, and any explanations of such by academics are simply hand-waving away the real underlying motive of white genocide.

Levamisole is distributed as a cocaine adulterant most often to the populations that will experience adverse health reactions, necrosis-related mutilation, or death as a result of its consumption.

This is a kind of conflict indicative of fourth generation warfare. Despite any claims of magic soil and a proposition nation, all combatants in the current conflict innately understand what nations are the people that live on them alone. Nations are races. This conflict is centered around the destruction of the white race, but they can’t do it in open warfare. People of white European descent have the most military capacity of any race on earth. Any lesser race would lose in a symmetric conflict of open war. So they come up with other ways to attack whites.

Like poisoning their children with drugs that include poisons that by and large only affect white populations.

Race is the missing element in the war on drugs. As an objective issue of personal liberty many white Europeans push for lighter drug laws and legalization. The looming reality, before today only hinted at in peer reviewed scientific journals, is that drugs are a mechanism by which to specifically murder white Europeans in an asymmetric fashion. They are a lever Jews, Moslems, and non-whites of all sorts can pull to erode at the moral and physical body of white European civilization in the hopes of eradicating the people that built them and looting them afterwards.