Eyeballing Jackie Stokes and the Fed Campaign Against Hacker Freedom

Everyone saw what happened with the MAGA cap at Hackers On Planet Earth. A single attendee wore a MAGA hat and was the victim of assault and property theft, and the conference organizers banned the person that was responsible for the crimes. In the wake of that incident, there was an extreme amount of outrage on social media and mailing lists, largely from people who do not produce a single line of code associated with political causes and/or the federal government.

In the wake of this, a burn notice has gone out against the HOPE conference. Two people in particular have gone to all out war against them.

Jackie “Jax” Stokes and Jericho have been composing a “rapist list” of people they are alleging are responsible for sexual misconduct.

Links: Twitter, Primary Archive, Archiveorg

They are demanding the community expel the entirety of the people on the list. Of course, 2 of the people on this list are well established as guilty of sexual misconduct: Appelbaum and Draper are all known to be guilty of horrendously poor behavior, some of it criminal and all of it certainly grounds for expulsion. People knew about them for a long time before the community finally expelled them. There was a lot of reports. Three of the remainder, however, all happen to be major figures behind HOPE, and one is a close friend of theirs. I’ve heard no whispers about someone like TProphet, who has had nothing but nice things said of him. Funny enough, TProphet was explicitly told that he would be put on the list if he refused to support it. Seems more like extortion than justice, don’t you think?

Now I have some information that might perhaps shed some light on the situation. I’ve known Jax for decades, and she was a regular in #gnaa. That’s the Gay Nigger Associaton of America, for those uninitiated. She has, in my conversations with her, uttered the following words: faggot, gook, chink, jiggaboo, porchmonkey, nigger, and kike. She has made several rape jokes and laughed at those made by others.

In 2015 (one year after I got a massive swastika tattoo on my chest) she did the following things:

Publicly said I was her friend:

Links: Twitter, Primary Archive, Archiveorg

“Cracked up” at a comment where I was telling my adversaries I intended to start a pogrom (a violent purge of an ethnic group) against them:

Links: TwitterArchive

Now, her comments in support of racist violence and rape were not youthful stuff. These were well into adulthood, and she was chill with this kind of behavior in 2015, not the distant past, so forgive me for thinking that this is difficult to reconcile with her current persona of putting pronouns and “ally” in her profile and being the hacker scene’s new number one champion of racial and sexual justice.

She also slept with dozens of vulnerable young men in several IRC channels I frequented– a few of them minors, and a couple of them in the GNAA. Images she sent teenagers ended up in the Dickscab archives. This won’t surprise people who are familiar with Jax’s behavior at Defcon. It is well known her sexual promiscuity there is the cause of her current divorce. She is to my knowledge guilty of some of the categories of sexual misconduct that she demands the punishment of others for without trial or charge.

In former days, GNAA debuted a lot of new technology. Novel attacks originated for the first time in the wild from GNAA laboratories on a pretty regular basis. In addition to specific attacks, actual real science and mathematics were pioneered in it and some of that got cited by places like Stanford. We were, in all honesty, a pretty decent hacker crew. If our output was legally defensible, we would use it. If it wasn’t, we would sell it. Jax brokered some of our stuff to governments in Africa and the Middle East. Eventually she switched clients and began a career track for the federal government, and mostly stopped hanging out with people like us that were probably risks to her clearance. But her exploit sales to the MENA region make a nice introduction to the rest of her behavior in the past week.

She’s accused Pilgrim of being an agent of a foreign government. She’s done it before, and she’s doing it again now. Pilgrim is a close friend of one of the people on her and Jericho’s “rapist list”.

Links: Twitter, Archive

The critical question in this discussion is: what if this accusation were true? What if, in fact, Pilgrim is an asset of a Lebanese faction? His family is indeed extraordinarily wealthy and powerful, and he has been eager to assist lots of hackers. He has invested in a lot of projects of various people, gave charitable donations at fundraisers for the medical and living expenses of hackers in need, and supported the charitable foundations of hackers. If he was a Lebanese intelligence asset, would he be any less of a friend to any of you?

If anyone in the hacking community honestly thinks that they have more to fear from the Lebanese government than the American one, I want them to say this absurd shit out loud. Please, Tweet this right now so we know who the fuck you are. Because I can tell you this– no Lebanese security services ever kidnapped my friends and tortured them until they killed themselves. There is not a year that goes by that I don’t shed some tears for Lance Moore and think that his mother is without a son because he faced the exact same charges with the exact same legal counterarguments in the exact same district as me. There is not a single day that goes by that I am not aware that there is a pile of corpses that didn’t have the will to make it through the beatings at the hands of United States federal agents, the starvation, and the solitary confinement to tell the government to eat shit in court. I’m sure few of you remember Lance, but I’m sure every single one of you knows what happened to aaronsw.

No Lebanese state authority has systematically subjected me or any of my friends to this kind of torture and terrorism.

“He’s spying on you!” cries the federal asset as she admits she reports your interactions and business with her to the feds. Links: Twitter, Archive

If you honestly think that Pilgrim’s government cares about spying on you more than your own, please say so out loud. If you honestly think that you have more to worry about from any Lebanese forces than the agencies that read Jackie’s clearance reports, please, say this out loud so we can laugh in your fucking face.

Now for the mercenary aspect of this. Yes, Pilgrim has worked to bring a lot of capital and political resources to hackers worldwide. Who among you think that the sole bidders on your work product should be Jax’s bosses? Who thinks it is good for your advancement and future to be limited to a single client, your own government? If it is true, and Pilgrim was contracted by foreign security services and using their capital to advance their state interests, who that actually produces code instead of prostitutes themselves for information would actually see him as anything other than a useful ally and resource?

Who that actually writes code for a living thinks that the federal government should have total veto power over who you interact with, who you do business with, what political rallies you and your friends may attend, and what Presidents you can support by wearing a hat? Because that is the subtext of all of this.

I don’t believe that Jax yucking it up about me threatening ethnic cleansing or saying nigger with all my edgy shitlord friends is indicative of her being a racist, nor do I believe that her putting pronouns and “ally” in her profile is indicative of her being a legitimate champion of social justice. Jax, in the decades I have known her, has never gone out of her way to help any of her fellow human beings. She has, universally, been about advancing the cause of Jax. Right now she is working overtime to show how useful she is to the state to ensure her place on its teat as whoring around the blockchain community ceases to be effective rent seeking.

Jax was my friend. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I will not let stand this level of self-serving behavior at the expense of the community for the sole benefit of the people that put me in prison and tortured me. Every single bit of Jax’s current behavior is steeped in a level of hypocrisy that is simply unfathomable. I have never seen this kind of mercenary corruption from anyone that I’ve ever called a friend in the hacker community.

2600’s HOPE conference did not cave to the demands of a bunch of deep state cogs that don’t want engineers to vocally support a President that is bad for them and their budgets, so Jax’s constituents want it destroyed.

Jackie’s backers think Pilgrim may be associated with parties in Lebanon who theoretically might have thwarted some of their operations, (totally unproven, and he remains uncharged with any crime in his own country or ours, by the way, though I’m sure if it was true that Jax’s employer would do everything they can to try to get your friend charged with a crime) ergo you can’t be friends with him, you can’t take a check from him, and you can’t cooperate with him on projects.

That’s what all this is about: your right to free speech, free association, and lawful commerce.

They want total control over your thoughts, your social circles, and your work product, forever.

I think the hacker community, as a whole, should tell Jax and Jericho exactly what they think of this.