The Trump Train Whistles– This is My Stop.

Back in April a lot of people flipped out and made a dramatic series of counter-signal sessions against President Trump as a result of a missile strike in Syria. I thought that their performance was edging on hysterics given the lack of strategic importance and low impact of this strike, and I said as much. I was not among the chorus of histrionics in April. In April I said that Trump still has my unwavering faith and loyalty. I feel it’s important to say this because a lot of people have gone back and forth on Trump based on kneejerk reactions to what he’s done. This is not that.

I memed very hard for the Trump campaign. I supported the digital infrastructure that made the infrastructure that made the alt-right run. I memed hard for Bernie to drive up division in the ranks of the Democratic party and was responsible for one of his most successful memes. I did many things that made me a target of international law enforcement, and got me unpersoned by liberals. Europol pointed guns at me. My Facebook, Twitter, and even my normie LinkedIn have all been deleted in retaliation for my political activism. I sacrificed a whole lot for Trump because he made a promise that he’d make America great again.

Trump promised a world of dealmaking. I wanted a world where Putin would be assured non-interference in Syria in exchange leaving Ukraine. I wanted America to be transformed into a power that created peace and prosperity through the pen, not miseries with boots on the ground in places we can’t pronounce. Trump promised us a new era based on negotiations between men. That promise faded with 4,000 Americans now being sent to Afghanistan to threaten Iran, who ostensibly should be our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Something has happened. Bannon was right when he said that the Trump presidency that we fought for was over. We tried very hard to bring peace and civilization to the world. I don’t know if they’re threatening Trump, or blackmailing him, or that he’s just lost sight of what’s important. I, however, know that this Afghanistan announcement is a continuation of the Bush and Obama legacy of war. This was not what I struggled for. If he wanted to make changes to Afghanistan, he should have reversed the poor decisions made by the CIA to side with the Pashtuns (consistently terrorists, later found housing bin Laden in Pakistan) over the Uzbeks and Tajiks when we started the war in 2001. A sane resolution of the Afghanistan situation would divide the country between the Uzbeks and the Tajiks, who aren’t launching terror strikes against the United States and have no aspirations greater than their local region.

I haven’t had a lot of time to process this. My friends at The Daily Stormer have been the victim of an unprecedented shutdown, with the world’s most powerful corporation Google abusing their monopoly and violating their contractual agreements to suspend the Stormer’s domain and hold it hostage indefinitely. Over a dozen other companies have joined it in this tortuous interference in its business. As the guy responsible for the alt-right’s infrastructure, this means I have lost all of my free time. I find it quite suspect that this unprecedented move to censor the dissident right comes at the same time as the massive compromise of the Trump presidency. It is almost certain that we’re being shut down so that we cannot complain to the public about the missteps Trump is taking in a betrayal of the America First platform.

I guess we got something better than Hillary, but only marginally so. I didn’t sign up for marginal improvements. I signed up for a new Andrew Jackson. I still want to do what I can to Make America Great Again, but I’m now convinced we’ll have to do it without Trump.

In 2015 I still had faith that we could, by engaging in the marketplace of ideas, bring about a just and fair system through democratic consensus. Now that the marketplace of ideas is being denied to us and we are being silenced by the American deep state and its ancillary corporate arms, I no longer believe in that ideal. One of our enemies once said that first you try the ballot, and then you try some other thing I can’t remember. I’m sure it’ll come to us though. If we can’t talk about the wrongs done us, and we can’t vote for a guy who promises to fix them without him being corrupted by the people responsible for those wrongs, then perhaps a more kinetic solution is in short order.