Oven-Dwelling Jews Fake Hate Crime Flier to Themselves to Get Public Sympathy

Earlier this year, the ADL tried to frame me for a series of bomb threats made to hundreds of synagogues and Jewish community centers around the United States. They did this to cover up the truth, as it turns out the origin of the calls was Israel and the motive was to spread a narrative of rising anti-Semitism as to bilk the American taxpayer for money.

I have discussed this extensively on this blog, particularly because I have been suspended from third party services like Reddit and Twitter for daring to ask the director of the ADL about the misconduct of his employees in attempting to frame an innocent American citizen for acts of terror whilst working to shield the real Israeli terrorist from proper justice in an American court.

Ever since this event, I have taken a personal interest in the phenomenon of Jewry faking hate crimes and threats against themselves. This is not limited to the bomb threats made from Israel. There are hundreds of incidents across the United States alone where Jews have been caught with their hands in the modern holohoax till when they are outed as the perpetrators of “racist” vandalism against their own property.  It is now one of my personal life goals to identify Jews engaged in the perfidious public fraud of forging threatening messages to cast themselves as victims of anti-Semitism.

A common meme on the Internet is “Hale Hortler” which highlights through mockery how common it is that Jews caught in “hate crime” hoaxes leave pathetically misshapen graffiti. When Jews commit these hoaxes they are generally so bad at them that they cannot help but be busted for their lies.

These impressive examples of that vaunted Ashkenazi IQ spawned enough mockery that the Jew hate crime hoaxer has evolved significantly in his methods. Now instead of drawing the swastika by hand, he prints it out. He believes that in this manner he will no longer be held back from achieving his narrative of personal victimization by his pathetically low spatial IQ and his psychological inability to visualize the glorious swastika.

When I saw this (terribly off center) flier being displayed by a Jewish bakery (lol) bragging about how brave they were when confronted with the threat of Nazis, I knew by the lack of histrionic Jewish kvetching that another bit of fraud was underway. Now incidentally I am one of the world’s foremost experts on hateful fliers and Nazi memes. This flier is so badly executed I can identify it authoritatively as a Jewish hoax using the techniques of Morellian analysis commonly used to identify art forgeries. For you layman hate speech enthusiasts out there, I will break the analysis down for you. We must begin by examining the content of the flier.

The content of the flier trivially exposes the fraud. Firstly, the flier is credited to the return of “Christian Identity”. For those not in the know, Christian Identity is a group that the SPLC and ADL love to obsess over and give coverage precisely because it is insanely ineffective. Christian Identity adherents believe that Germans, Saxons, and Nords are actually the literal descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is the white equivalent of Black Israelites. It started in 1886 with Ingersoll’s essay ‘Lost Israel Found in the Anglo-Saxon Race’ and after 130 years it has maybe 400 people adhering to the philosophy. Those who have spent time on forums related to issues of race know the displeasure of interacting with these people, as about half of them are extremely aggressive posters on the Internet who love obsessing over minor theological issues far more than the cause of advancing the white race.

Christian Identity adherents do not use Nazi symbolism, at all. Hitler thought their ideology was utterly ridiculous and derided Abraham as racially Jewish. Christian Identity people use exclusively Christian symbolism. They would not use the swastika. They would not say “Juden raus.” They are anti-Semites, for sure, but they have nothing to do with National Socialism. Beyond that, both actual Nazis and Christian Identity adherents are off the Trump train. I myself was the last prominent racist to abandon Trump as a political vehicle. The MAGA line is absolutely nonsensical given all of the other imagery. However, Jewish Democrats still want to cast Trump as the next Hitler (despite the fact that Trump is a rabid Zionist and is doing much to advance the criminal schemes of Israel) to further their political goals.

The flier in this media piece is a hodgepodge of terminology pulled from the mind of Jewish Democrat propagandists and not a legitimate act of anti-Semitism. This is a very low effort fraud. Every Nazi flier I’ve ever seen has been laid out better than this thing. I want you to take a look at the following actual Nazi fliers, from currently operating Nazi fraternities and forums. People who want to spread an ideology typically exert a modicum of effort in preparing their outreach materials.

Despite one of them being ripped apart by petty and hateful liberal vandals, you can clearly see that it is a work of professional quality graphic design. Within the past decade, every racist flier I have ever seen has either had visual sophistication in professionally produced aesthetics as displayed above, or technologically sophisticated logistics such as those who sent PostScript files to hundreds of thousands of printers worldwide.

Even despite the difficult limitations of the PostScript language, the flier displayed there is drastically better designed than the one that the Jews just mailed to themselves in Brooklyn. Nazi fliers are typically works of art. Jewish hate crime hoaxes are visually infantile works of garbage, much like all Jewish attempts at emulating artists.

Finally, the first person they called in response to this was a Jewish congressman, Dov Hikind, who went to the police on their behalf. This is obviously to provide a cushion and avoid criminal charges of filing false police reports.

I suggest that District Attorney Gonzalez begin his criminal investigations with a database of Jewry. Please let him know on Twitter why this flier is an obvious fake. Media outlets should stop also stop printing these sad fakes as anything other than Jewish lies.

If Jews want to fake hate crimes in the future, I suggest they hire some professional artists, copyeditors, and programmers, so they may elevate their work products to the usual Nazi standards.