Race Ghost S02E01: Two Scoops, Two Genders, Two Terms, Two Womps, Two Starbursts

This is the first episode of the new season of Race Ghost.

And it is a notice to you to get IPFS installed.

If you want to continue to listen to this podcast for free, you will need a working installation of IPFS. It is non-optional. Next episode will only be available without cost via a working installation of IPFS.

There will be a paywall option coming if you don’t want to install IPFS and help host the podcast.

Intro music for this episode:
Atticwaffen feat. weev – Straight Outta Wompton

Outtro music:

Anyways, here are your normieweb download options:

  1. Mixtape.
  2. Nofile.

Enjoy it because I will never post another normieweb link again. Get IPFS you lazy nibbers.