Cocaine Includes Poisons Intended to Harm Only White People

Most of the cocaine found in Western nations contains a pharmaceutical deworming agent called Levamisole. It can cause severe systemic vasculitis, most famously leading to the disgusting rotting black skin on the face and ears as displayed above. It can trigger a host of autoimmune reactions as the body begins to attack its own organs. The most severe of these is glomerulonephritis, damage to the glomeruli in the kidneys that subsequently prevents proper blood filtration and leads to death.

Levamisole Induced Necrosis Syndrome (LINES) is a complication of adulterated cocaine recognized in 2011, caused by the use of levamisole as a cutting agent for cocaine.

The commonly perceived reasoning behind the placement of Levamisole in cocaine is as a bulking agent and potentiate, thus increasing profits. I have found that the evidence for this points to something else entirely. The placement of Levamisole in cocaine is specifically an attack on white European populations. I am sure that anyone attempting to publish this obvious truth would not be allowed to speak in any peer-reviewed journal, so I must leave the fallacious reasoning to the so-called scientists and highlight the evidence on my humble blog.

Levamisole does not affect all populations equally. Reactions are modulated based on the presence of an antigen in the blood called HLA-B27. HLA-B27 is not evenly distributed across the planet. The B27 allele is present less than 2% of the time in Mongoloid populations. It’s present up to 4% in mestizo populations, though that declines the more Indio blood they have. It’s similarly present in 4% of North African populations, due to European admixtures, but not present at all in sub-Saharan African populations. It is present in 8% of whites, more than any other race, though this follows a latitudinal gradient. The more Aryanized the nation, the more prevalent the gene. At the northern tip of Scandinavia in Lapland, a quarter of all people have the HLA-B27 allele.

Levamisole is perfectly geared towards the destruction of the Aryan race. The whiter you are, the more harm it is likely to do to you.

The distribution of Levamisole as an adulterant strangely inverses on the same latitudinal line. Analysis of cocaine shipments by the British government revealed that 80% of the imports to the country contain Levamisole.

The warning comes after Lib Dem minister Mr Baker ordered an analysis of seized cocaine shipments which showed that around 80 per cent contained the medicine.

In Southern Europe we see far less of the reported cocaine samples contaminated with Levamisole. As little as 6% in Southern France, 36% in Spain, likely because these areas contain far more cocaine diverted from African markets. (Eiden, Peyrière, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 2014) If Levamisole was a bulking agent and potentiate designed primarily with profit margins in mind, it would be more present in the areas where profit margins are much slimmer due to poorer populations like Africa and Asia. Instead it is specifically distributed more often to locales that have white European populations, which are the only ones that will be harmed by the side effects at reasonable frequency. The distribution of levamisole is done without regard for any economic pressures, and any explanations of such by academics are simply hand-waving away the real underlying motive of white genocide.

Levamisole is distributed as a cocaine adulterant most often to the populations that will experience adverse health reactions, necrosis-related mutilation, or death as a result of its consumption.

This is a kind of conflict indicative of fourth generation warfare. Despite any claims of magic soil and a proposition nation, all combatants in the current conflict innately understand what nations are the people that live on them alone. Nations are races. This conflict is centered around the destruction of the white race, but they can’t do it in open warfare. People of white European descent have the most military capacity of any race on earth. Any lesser race would lose in a symmetric conflict of open war. So they come up with other ways to attack whites.

Like poisoning their children with drugs that include poisons that by and large only affect white populations.

Race is the missing element in the war on drugs. As an objective issue of personal liberty many white Europeans push for lighter drug laws and legalization. The looming reality, before today only hinted at in peer reviewed scientific journals, is that drugs are a mechanism by which to specifically murder white Europeans in an asymmetric fashion. They are a lever Jews, Moslems, and non-whites of all sorts can pull to erode at the moral and physical body of white European civilization in the hopes of eradicating the people that built them and looting them afterwards.

Richard Spencer Wants You to Go to a Rally With Guns (Please Don’t)

Richard Spencer has been a source of catastrophic loss for all who stand beside him.

Brimelow and Taylor spent tons of their time and resources to put Spencer in the place he was in and he turned around to burn them. I don’t like Brimelow or Taylor, but I like disloyalty even less. I don’t build up trust with people only to fuck them to feed my own drunken narcissism later. If Spencer hadn’t of burned them he’d be an actual lobbyist on the beltway working for the interests of white Americans, but he managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

His repetitious stint as a publisher has not worked out so well. Taki thrived better under editors that came after him., Washington Summit, and Radix Journal were abandoned. He keeps doing the same thing and not realizing the constant in these failures is him.

My ability to hold my tongue about Spencer ran out with Charlottesville. If he’s gonna do strategically disastrous things he could have been tactically effective at them.

Holding the line and giving speeches as the tanks from the National Guard drove up would have been some Tiananmen square tier optics. Instead, thanks to total lack of competence from Spencer he went back to his hotel room and told people to flee the city. A rout from the jaws of victory.

Our guys were pelted with urine and bricks, fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools, run out of cities, and jailed without bond for Richard Spencer’s photo op. Which, surprise, is what everything Spencer involves himself in is really about.

What is Spencer’s end goal?
How is he reaching this goal?

Apparently, by trying to get some of your fool asses killed.

Today saw the announcement of the newest of Spencer’s rallies.

This is a repeat of the Charlottesville formula. Spencer gets top billing, an easily disavowable organizer with no reputation gets to take the fall while he says “tee hee it’s not my rally I’m just a speaker.” Only this time they are going to escalate the situation with guns. Seriously, it’s on the event page:

Bring your torches, guns, armor

Guns are inherently escalatory. Even if you don’t use them they can ruin you because in North Carolina any felony they charge you with becomes a firearm-related felony, and that matters in the sentencing guidelines let me tell you what. When the feds were coming last time I sold every gun I owned because I was worried about being hit with gun enhancements for a computer crime charge.

Cops also have an excuse to start shooting at you all if for any reason they “feel threatened” and since this is also on state property they have the statutory authority to immediately arrest you:

It shall be unlawful for any person participating in, affiliated with, or present as a spectator at any parade, funeral procession, picket line, or demonstration upon any … public place owned or under the control of the State … to willfully or intentionally possess or have immediate access to any dangerous weapon.

That turns the existential risk dial all the way to maximum.

This is a nog city. Lots of nogs. Whites outnumbered. There is going to be fights and trouble here, and there are also going to be guns.

Yesterday Spencer asked me by proxy to stop criticizing him. In response I relayed back to Spencer a request to share in the sacrifices that we need to make in the wake of Charlottesville and help with Cantwell’s legal fund. I went to sleep hoping that I’d see something positive on that front when I woke.

Instead I wake to all my guys telling me that they’re being asked to go to Charlotte to join an armed mob of lunatics.

Yes, I’m sure that Richard Spencer did not personally direct anyone to bring guns to a rally. However, he’s once again hopped into a rally with virtually unknown parties, and they are saying to bring guns. Who are these people? Why did Richard Spencer ever agree to work with them? Why do people that are not him have a better perception of the rally’s risks than he does? That he personally did not tell you to bring guns is irrelevant. He’s incompetent enough, as usual, to work with people who will say dumb shit like this. This is what Spencer always does. He’s going to get people hurt even worse than he already has.

Please think carefully about the potential risks of this situation. I beg you, do not show up to this thing.

Richard Spencer acts like someone with a trust fund of his size. Arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, jumping from project to project without any desire to bring any of them to completion. Aimless, rootless, planless. This time, he’s going in planless with guns.

Most of the people Spencer puts on his payroll are utterly fucking rotten. We have that furry that weirdly sexually extorted the young shitposter under threat of doxing, the embezzler, the obsessive COINTEL infighter in Japan. These people are poisonous. These are the kind of people that you do not want in any trench with you. Not one person on his payroll stops him from hopping in bed with every random person from the Internet that invites him to an event. This is the kind of staff Spencer selects for: those that will always tell him yes, despite any impending damage it will do to him and others.

I could sit here all day and shit talk his political incoherence, how he is pro-EU where it harms nationalist sentiments (he opposed Brexit) and anti-EU where it helps good nationalists (he opposes Ukraine, where EU money and weapons get funneled to their totally awesome death squads). I could talk about how I hate his faggy uptalking. I could talk about how every hard prediction I’ve heard out of his mouth has been obviously absurdly wrong. I’m not going to spend time on this, because the political differences don’t matter anymore.

What matters is he works for nothing but his own benefit in ways that cause damage for our guys, and he shows absolutely no contrition about it. He shows nothing but contempt for the little people that subsidize his photo ops with their money, blood, and tears.

I am done with Richard Spencer, and you should be too.

Open Letter to Gab Investors

I’m an internationally notorious hacker and have supported dissident political websites much larger than any website Andrew Torba has ever built. The largest website I have ever supported peaked in the Alexa top 1000.

I was, as of recently, the most prominent critic on Gab of the management direction of Andrew Torba.

When they made some absurd Orwellian claim that a fat joke by Andrew Anglin violated their guidelines, I was the top reply calling Torba a fraud. It got almost a thousand upvotes (it was my most liked post on Gab ever), and his post got hundreds of downvotes. People thought his actions here were bullshit. Later people backed off and Anglin deleted the post because it was revealed that the post removal was a demand from his domain registrar, but the way he initially went about it (not being transparent and just trying to get the community to go along with an Orwellian lie as a basis for Anglin’s suspension) indicated that he would rather have just suspended Anglin’s account and done away with us pesky people that actually want to take him up on his claim of a free speech-friendly service. The userbase was right to revolt.

When Gab defaulted all people secretly to having a “NSFW filter” on their feeds, they included everything in my account as NSFW and my posts did not show up in anyone’s feeds. When people noticed this, I raised a shitstorm and it was the catalyst for the NSFW filter in settings now defaulting to off. It was basically indistinguishable from Twitter shadowbans, and Gab users rightfully thought it was bullshit. The userbase was right to revolt.

I highlighted the change in branding of Gab. In the initial wave of the site when Torba was building his userbase the sites’s frontpage title prominently displayed the text of the First Amendment. Now after they’ve swindled users of well over a million dollars it bills itself as an “ad-free” network. No longer free speech, just a bad Twitter knockoff with a really bad UI that for some reason you have to pay for. Once again, lots of reposts and upvotes from the userbase that was rightfully concerned about the direction of the site.

Torba responded to this criticism in his own feed with some claim that he had just trademarked “Make Free Speech Great Again” as evidence for his commitment to free speech. This is indicative of the kind of things Torba is going to do with your money– give thousands of dollars to his tribesmen engaged in the profession of intellectual property law to garner pieces of paper to sue people with. Definitely not building a useful platform where you can speak freely.

Today Torba posted a letter from his registrar talking about hate speech. Unlike the Anglin situation, it had nothing to do with any post of mine, nor does it specify any post at all. However, he announced my ban along with it (along with an Orwellian claim that I violated the “threats and terrorism” part of the guidelines, which I did not) as a form of sleight of hand. He took the chance to bar me from the service so that his most prominent and vocal critic would be gone as he continually moves from the premise of “speak freely” to “ad-free.” He wanted me gone because I tried to make him keep his promises of Constitutional liberty.

Gab’s treason against our Constitution.

Gab’s policy is to follow all applicable laws in The United States of America, the Constitution and the Supreme Court’s rulings on the First Amendment. We use the Court’s rulings, precedents and judgments as our guiding principles for protecting and empowering free speech and expression.

This is the statement on Gab’s guidelines, which is why we all supported the site. We were told we were getting a place to speak freely, up to the limits of the law according to the United States of America’s jurisprudence. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” said Thomas Jefferson once. This quote, obviously, was not a call to terrorism. It was a simple observation. Reality: non-specific, non-imminent observations that violence creates liberty are not illegal. They are firmly protected speech under the United States constitution. Here’s the post that Torba used as an excuse to ban my account:

Notice I don’t even use the word must in this post. It is actually several orders of magnitude less aggressive and legally safer than Thomas Jefferson’s statement. No person is threatened in this post. No act is incited in this post. If you’re confused about what makes threats or incitement, please learn the relevant case law (it’s Brandenburg v. Ohio). These things must be imminent or specific at the very least. My post is neither.

The only people siding with Gab on this are known shills.

Even some of the blue checkmark Twitter is on my side. That’s how clear cut this is. Everyone that is not a total and complete whore for the state is on my side here.

In fact, the only thing that differentiates my post from Thomas Jefferson’s is I suggest who the tyrants are in the current era. They just happen to be Torba’s fellow tribesmen.

Andrew Torba has a last name I recognize immediately, given my time in the Slavic world. торба is the word for wallet, or moneybag in Ukraine and Poland. You guys literally just gave a million dollars to a guy named moneybags. The absurd caricature that is in front of us right now is more laughably ironic than what I might have written about in fiction.

The partners he chose in this operation to defraud you were a Turkish Moslem and a scheming Indian. Did you know that the only non-European countries to ever have Constitutional guarantees of free speech were Japan and Hong Kong, because Europeans wrote their constitutional documents for them after conquering them? A Semite, a Turk, and an Indian will never support a worldview that aligns with free speech. The Gab founders are rogues, liars, and vagabonds, as is common amongst their peoples.

Twitter was after two months a more usable and useful product than Gab is now after well over a year of its existence, with much less capital expended on it during that period. Torba does not know how to build product. He isn’t interested in building a product. What he wants to do is take up all the capital available from the pool of people that are desperate to have free speech and then deprive them of the very thing they paid for, thus making it impossible for an actual free speech alternative to appear. He just uses the rhetoric of liberty, but he himself despises it. It took years for Twitter to move from the “free speech wing of the free speech party.” It’s taken Gab a couple months after seeing the investment pile in. The only thing you are paying for is liberty. Without Constitutional liberty, Gab has no product except a really awful Twitter knockoff that you have to pay for. There is no point to the site at all.

Torba and his Asian friends just took you for a ride. He never intended to give you free speech. He just wanted to milk the magapedes for a million dollars. You know it is so because I just empirically proved it, in public.

Gab investors, this is your last chance to get out of Torba’s multimillion dollar social media scam. He has no intent to deliver your freedom. Go get your money back before it is too late.

StartEngine’s red cancel button does nothing, by the way (pretty suspect). So when canceling your investment, be sure to contact them directly. They don’t actually let you cancel with the button. If your dashboard does not look like this, your investment isn’t cancelled yet:

If you want to continue to see my shitposts, I’ll be on VK.

The Question Reddit Suspended Me for Asking

Today Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the ADL, is doing an “AMA”, which stands for “ask me anything.”

I took that at face value, and asked him a very important question. The question was deleted within seconds and no longer visible on the subreddit. Now my account is suspended.

My question is not spam. There is nothing objectively offensive with it. It contains no abusive language, it is well cited, and it is an important question to ask someone who has just raised millions of dollars under pretenses that appear quite suspicious.

For your perusal, here are the links within my post:

We have what looks to be ADL employees running a coverup and trying to pin responsibility for Israeli terrorism upon an American citizen (me). When I try to ask questions about it, they are deleted and I am suspended from the services those questions are asked on. I have written extensively on this, but no reporters seem interested in the ADL cooperating with organized terrorism. The media has largely memory holed this story, but I am left with the fact that the world’s most prominent Jews attempted to frame me for terrorism to cover up for their own kin committing crimes and nobody seems to want to hold them accountable for that. Very strange.

The Trump Train Whistles– This is My Stop.

Back in April a lot of people flipped out and made a dramatic series of counter-signal sessions against President Trump as a result of a missile strike in Syria. I thought that their performance was edging on hysterics given the lack of strategic importance and low impact of this strike, and I said as much. I was not among the chorus of histrionics in April. In April I said that Trump still has my unwavering faith and loyalty. I feel it’s important to say this because a lot of people have gone back and forth on Trump based on kneejerk reactions to what he’s done. This is not that.

I memed very hard for the Trump campaign. I supported the digital infrastructure that made the infrastructure that made the alt-right run. I memed hard for Bernie to drive up division in the ranks of the Democratic party and was responsible for one of his most successful memes. I did many things that made me a target of international law enforcement, and got me unpersoned by liberals. Europol pointed guns at me. My Facebook, Twitter, and even my normie LinkedIn have all been deleted in retaliation for my political activism. I sacrificed a whole lot for Trump because he made a promise that he’d make America great again.

Trump promised a world of dealmaking. I wanted a world where Putin would be assured non-interference in Syria in exchange leaving Ukraine. I wanted America to be transformed into a power that created peace and prosperity through the pen, not miseries with boots on the ground in places we can’t pronounce. Trump promised us a new era based on negotiations between men. That promise faded with 4,000 Americans now being sent to Afghanistan to threaten Iran, who ostensibly should be our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Something has happened. Bannon was right when he said that the Trump presidency that we fought for was over. We tried very hard to bring peace and civilization to the world. I don’t know if they’re threatening Trump, or blackmailing him, or that he’s just lost sight of what’s important. I, however, know that this Afghanistan announcement is a continuation of the Bush and Obama legacy of war. This was not what I struggled for. If he wanted to make changes to Afghanistan, he should have reversed the poor decisions made by the CIA to side with the Pashtuns (consistently terrorists, later found housing bin Laden in Pakistan) over the Uzbeks and Tajiks when we started the war in 2001. A sane resolution of the Afghanistan situation would divide the country between the Uzbeks and the Tajiks, who aren’t launching terror strikes against the United States and have no aspirations greater than their local region.

I haven’t had a lot of time to process this. My friends at The Daily Stormer have been the victim of an unprecedented shutdown, with the world’s most powerful corporation Google abusing their monopoly and violating their contractual agreements to suspend the Stormer’s domain and hold it hostage indefinitely. Over a dozen other companies have joined it in this tortuous interference in its business. As the guy responsible for the alt-right’s infrastructure, this means I have lost all of my free time. I find it quite suspect that this unprecedented move to censor the dissident right comes at the same time as the massive compromise of the Trump presidency. It is almost certain that we’re being shut down so that we cannot complain to the public about the missteps Trump is taking in a betrayal of the America First platform.

I guess we got something better than Hillary, but only marginally so. I didn’t sign up for marginal improvements. I signed up for a new Andrew Jackson. I still want to do what I can to Make America Great Again, but I’m now convinced we’ll have to do it without Trump.

In 2015 I still had faith that we could, by engaging in the marketplace of ideas, bring about a just and fair system through democratic consensus. Now that the marketplace of ideas is being denied to us and we are being silenced by the American deep state and its ancillary corporate arms, I no longer believe in that ideal. One of our enemies once said that first you try the ballot, and then you try some other thing I can’t remember. I’m sure it’ll come to us though. If we can’t talk about the wrongs done us, and we can’t vote for a guy who promises to fix them without him being corrupted by the people responsible for those wrongs, then perhaps a more kinetic solution is in short order.

SPLC: I Will Personally Serve Andrew Anglin for You

The SPLC is claiming that its frivolous lawsuit against Andrew Anglin can’t go forward because they can’t find him to serve him the lawsuit:

Michael Kunzelman, AP:

A court filing Friday by lawyers from the Southern Poverty Law Center claims The Daily Stormer’s founder, Andrew Anglin, is “actively concealing his whereabouts” and hasn’t been served with Tanya Gersh’s federal lawsuit.

Actually, he’s offered to meet dozens of reporters (once in an email chain that went through me) and none of them took him up on the offer, but that’s beside the point.

Gersh’s attorneys are asking for more time to find Anglin so the case won’t be temporarily dismissed.

The law center’s lawyers said they have looked for him at four addresses in Franklin County, Ohio, for which he apparently has a connection. Gersh’s attorneys say they also tried in vain to contact Anglin’s Las Vegas-based attorney, Marc Randazza, and confirm that he is authorized to accept service of the lawsuit on Anglin’s behalf.

Randazza questioned whether the lawyers’ request for a deadline extension is a “stunt.”

“If they can’t serve him, I question whether they are actually trying,” Randazza told The Associated Press on Friday. “We’re going to defend (against) the case.”

Now, I may not know much, as I’m just a simple country boy from Arkansas, but I do know that in the 18th century they had trouble finding people to serve them a lot of times, as most people’s addresses were basically a paragraph that included a sentence like “300 yards east of the crick”. As a result most cases in the age were served through alternative service, a practice that still remains alive today in the Federal Rules of Civil procedure, and the rules of procedure of every state, city, and county court in the world.

Hundreds of thousands of motions for alternative service are filed in US courts every year. The principle is that you can post a bill somewhere that the defendant or his kin is likely to see it. Typically these days it is done via a newspaper publication. Now I know the SPLC might be hard up for the kind of money necessary to buy a newspaper ad giving it is losing its 501(c)3 status soon for its clear partisan behavior in the last election, so I’m glad to inform them that in the 21st century judges allow you to serve process by email! If you need help finding a template for doing so you can check Doe v. Fortuny (1:08-cv-01050) on PACER– it contains a successful federal motion for alternative service via email. I’m sure there are hundreds of others but that’s just a case I can remember off the top of my head, and suing people is not even my fucking job.

Is the SPLC seriously pretending that they are worried Andrew Anglin hasn’t seen the complaint? That his world class attorneys, Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman, have not read the complaint? I assure you, Anglin’s very capable counsel have read the complaint. I have not personally seen them read it, but I think it is a fair bet that they read the complaint before taking the case.

This fixation on serving Anglin physically despite the obvious ease of alternative service can only mean one of two things:

  1. The SPLC is trying to back away from its frivolous lawsuit filed on behalf of the rotten extortion artist Tanya Gersh for the express purpose of silencing Andrew Anglin’s speech in a criminal conspiracy against his rights. They want to avoid the obvious humiliating public losses and liabilities that are going to result from their actions, thus they now fumble to construct a narrative in which they can abandon the case under the absurd pretext that it can’t go forward because they can’t locate Andrew Anglin despite civil procedure not having required them to do so for centuries.
  2. The Jews at the SPLC have no intent on actually resolving its differences with Andrew Anglin’s lawful and morally righteous use of his 1st Amendment rights through the courts, and intend to do to him what they usually do to their most prominent critics: murder them.

Since the SPLC seems incapable of filing a simple motion for alternative service, which is the kind of basic thing that any tier 4 law graduate Lionel Hutz type can do, I am going to offer them my assistance.

I, personally, am willing to fly to Andrew Anglin to physically serve him on the SPLC’s behalf. I don’t need a license in the jurisdiction as I’ve done less than 4 deliveries of process in the past year. I am amply qualified for the job, as I am apparently far more familiar with the rules of process than the SPLC’s entire staff.

As a side note, I would suggest to the SPLC’s board that they move to replace their existing leadership with someone basely competent.

До свидания, суки педики!

Pagerank is More Powerful Than Trademark: How I Killed a Multimillion Dollar Company With Swastika Memes

Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh, is ruled by the Telugu race and is thus one of the most livable parts of India. The infrastructure is reasonably developed, and the streets are safer for women than anywhere else in the country. There’s a Googleplex there, and most major technology companies have an office or two there. There’s a fortress called Golkonda right outside the city that I made a blood sacrifice at once. It used to be the stronghold of Semitic invaders. You’ll never guess what happened next.

A major dualistic Aryan faith is extremely prominent in Andhra Pradesh. In times of peace and prosperity, many of the locals worship a goddess named Durga. Durga is a goddess of agrarian peoples, and her celebrations in most areas correspond with the harvest. She is the guardian of the crops, and her lawful punishments were evoked against those caught stealing agricultural products. She is a warrior, but a measured one. A paragon of justice. Except, of course, when there is an existential threat to the continued existence of her flock. Then her other side comes out. Durga flies into a rage, and a light of pure blackness radiates out from her. She wears a bandolier of the skulls of the wicked. She drinks the blood of demons. She becomes a living manifestation of the all-destroying forces of time, with her body joining with the Adya Shakti, the energy that underlies the universe, and samsara, the cycle of life and death. She shakes the world. Her name brings disgust to the faces of Moslems and well-to-do Hindus: Mahakali.

In response to the Moslems incursions upon Andhra Pradesh, the swastika glowed with its true power and Durga transformed into Mahakali. The Hindus there entered in a state of total war. Girls as young as 6, frequently taken as sex slaves by disgusting Mudslime pedophiles, were taught to plunge daggers in the throats of their captors. The dismembered remains of Muslims were frequently left laying in the streets. The so-called atrocity of this cult was demonized through the centuries, but I view everything that was done at Hyderabad in its name as pure pragmatism.

Eventually the tides of history turned against Islamic rule over Andhra Pradesh, and the spirit of Mahakali did not let the Hindus forget what had been done to them. After the death of Aurangazeb, a series of purges were done against the Muslims of the region. Mosques were reduced to rubble. Moslem women were raped. Moslem children were killed. Today, the Moslems that once rule Hyderabad are bound to one tiny, shit-covered district in the city and need a Hindu’s permission to live outside of it. These once-arrogant rulers now live as subhuman animals in their own filth. At the top of their former stronghold of Golkonda now lies a shrine to Mahakali.

In 2013, as I sat in solitary confinement after being illegally detained on false charges in a federal prison, a pack of Semites planned to conquer my digital territory. They trademarked the name “Weev”, which I have been using since I was 10 years old, built a social video app, and dozens of celebrities were given money and shares in the company in exchange for using the app. They planned to flood the world with a bullshit celebrity endorsed consumer platform while I sat in a prison cell and make sure that my nick was so far down the list of search engine results that I would be relatively forgotten as the feds piled on more and more false charges and kept me in prison indefinitely.

The chief architect of this conspiracy was the Jew Andrew Sachs of Saxtum Property Management and MOI, who is the descendant of Goldman Sachs co-founder Samuel Sachs. He was joined by the Jew Stephen Moyer (@smoyer), star of HBO series True Blood as a co-founder.

Also a major participant was the Jew Stan Lee, best known for appropriating the thunder god of all Nordic and Germanic peoples to sell disgusting race-mixing propaganda, as well as degenerate shabbos goy Jimmy Fallon and Gordon “Sting” Sumner.

There was only one fault with their plan: I did not plea, flipped the verdict that was leveled against me in a nigger’s sham court, and got out of prison to do unto others what they would do to me. After I got out of prison I got some rather notorious swastika ink filled with norse gods. I knew the Internet would break into a shitstorm when I released a photo of this, but I waited for the right time, when they did their biggest PR push.

When I dropped my swastika tattoo along with a fiery essay on The Daily Stormer, dozens of celebrities were talking about Weev the video chat app on TV. Unfortunately for them, TV spots don’t really translate to many page results or backlinks. Everyone who googled weev as a result immediately afterwards was greeted with a Google News thumbnail of weev the mad eyed white supremacist hacker with a 4.5 inch swastika tattoo. Normies freaked out in spades. It was the single most impactful thing I had ever done, creating far more buzz than a well publicized Constitutional case, wrongful imprisonment, and appeal.

“weev” search analytics courtesy of Google Trends.

I would delay every troll operation I wanted to do until they were spending serious money and resources to try to dig themselves out of a pagerank hole. Whenever they would drop deep into the second page of Google results (where they might as well not even exist) they would try to do another press push and garner backlinks. I responded each time by doing something way bigger and more notable than whatever shitty press they managed to get, like internationally syndicated news about using targeted white nationalist Twitter ads, or garnering thousands of news articles and dozens of TV spots by printing swastikas to tens of thousands of other people’s printers across the anglosphere.

You print to OPP? Yeah you know me!

Every troll I did was as close as I could legally get to giving some kike a hard kick in the teeth.

I made it so these people were literally paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote my shenanigans to the entire world. I starved them of the limited space available in Google News excerpts time and time again, and continued to garner backlinks to my publications from top tier sources like the Times and the Post to ensure that they would never be searchable on any search engine in existence.

In 2016, after three years of an entire team of people working fulltime, a few million dollars in funding wasted, dozens of physical events they threw in meatspace, and repeated humiliation at the hands of a single neo-Nazi blogger, the Weev app closed up shop forever. I, like the children of Durga in Andhra Pradesh, outlasted them. I bought up their domain,, sometime after their implosion.

The thing I found most fascinating about that Mahakali temple at Golkonda is that unlike most Hindu shrines, it shunned idols. There are paintings, and the pigments are the same ones they always used through the centuries, crafted not well by any modern standard for resistance to the elements. For each mural present at the shrine there is a disciple who walks up the steps every day to freshen up the mural, who has been painting it with his apprentice for as long as he lived. At this place, they do not believe in statues. They believe the holy decors of the living goddess should be replenished by their continuing love and devotion to her. now too is now a living shrine, replenished daily in the pulse of electrons and photons in heartbeat of copper and glass across the world by my divine will, marking the sacking of those that attempted to encroach upon me. I made this shrine to convey two important messages to the world:

  1. There is a timeless Indo-European spirit of resistance that will outlast any Semitic invasion. All those who have done violence to us best negotiate peace and make amends for the harm and decay which they have inflicted to our lives, or so I pledge all the mortals of this world and all the names of dead which are on my lips to all the gods which may be of the universe that the debts they owe will be rendered from the blood of their children. All the wicked of the world must know that we will outlast them and make their children suffer unimaginable horrors for what they have done to us.
  2. om kring kalikaye namah

Hail victory.