Open Letter to Gab Investors

I’m an internationally notorious hacker and have supported dissident political websites much larger than any website Andrew Torba has ever built. The largest website I have ever supported peaked in the Alexa top 1000.

I was, as of recently, the most prominent critic on Gab of the management direction of Andrew Torba.

When they made some absurd Orwellian claim that a fat joke by Andrew Anglin violated their guidelines, I was the top reply calling Torba a fraud. It got almost a thousand upvotes (it was my most liked post on Gab ever), and his post got hundreds of downvotes. People thought his actions here were bullshit. Later people backed off and Anglin deleted the post because it was revealed that the post removal was a demand from his domain registrar, but the way he initially went about it (not being transparent and just trying to get the community to go along with an Orwellian lie as a basis for Anglin’s suspension) indicated that he would rather have just suspended Anglin’s account and done away with us pesky people that actually want to take him up on his claim of a free speech-friendly service. The userbase was right to revolt.

When Gab defaulted all people secretly to having a “NSFW filter” on their feeds, they included everything in my account as NSFW and my posts did not show up in anyone’s feeds. When people noticed this, I raised a shitstorm and it was the catalyst for the NSFW filter in settings now defaulting to off. It was basically indistinguishable from Twitter shadowbans, and Gab users rightfully thought it was bullshit. The userbase was right to revolt.

I highlighted the change in branding of Gab. In the initial wave of the site when Torba was building his userbase the sites’s frontpage title prominently displayed the text of the First Amendment. Now after they’ve swindled users of well over a million dollars it bills itself as an “ad-free” network. No longer free speech, just a bad Twitter knockoff with a really bad UI that for some reason you have to pay for. Once again, lots of reposts and upvotes from the userbase that was rightfully concerned about the direction of the site.

Torba responded to this criticism in his own feed with some claim that he had just trademarked “Make Free Speech Great Again” as evidence for his commitment to free speech. This is indicative of the kind of things Torba is going to do with your money– give thousands of dollars to his tribesmen engaged in the profession of intellectual property law to garner pieces of paper to sue people with. Definitely not building a useful platform where you can speak freely.

Today Torba posted a letter from his registrar talking about hate speech. Unlike the Anglin situation, it had nothing to do with any post of mine, nor does it specify any post at all. However, he announced my ban along with it (along with an Orwellian claim that I violated the “threats and terrorism” part of the guidelines, which I did not) as a form of sleight of hand. He took the chance to bar me from the service so that his most prominent and vocal critic would be gone as he continually moves from the premise of “speak freely” to “ad-free.” He wanted me gone because I tried to make him keep his promises of Constitutional liberty.

Gab’s treason against our Constitution.

Gab’s policy is to follow all applicable laws in The United States of America, the Constitution and the Supreme Court’s rulings on the First Amendment. We use the Court’s rulings, precedents and judgments as our guiding principles for protecting and empowering free speech and expression.

This is the statement on Gab’s guidelines, which is why we all supported the site. We were told we were getting a place to speak freely, up to the limits of the law according to the United States of America’s jurisprudence. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” said Thomas Jefferson once. This quote, obviously, was not a call to terrorism. It was a simple observation. Reality: non-specific, non-imminent observations that violence creates liberty are not illegal. They are firmly protected speech under the United States constitution. Here’s the post that Torba used as an excuse to ban my account:

Notice I don’t even use the word must in this post. It is actually several orders of magnitude less aggressive and legally safer than Thomas Jefferson’s statement. No person is threatened in this post. No act is incited in this post. If you’re confused about what makes threats or incitement, please learn the relevant case law (it’s Brandenburg v. Ohio). These things must be imminent or specific at the very least. My post is neither.

The only people siding with Gab on this are known shills.

Even some of the blue checkmark Twitter is on my side. That’s how clear cut this is. Everyone that is not a total and complete whore for the state is on my side here.

In fact, the only thing that differentiates my post from Thomas Jefferson’s is I suggest who the tyrants are in the current era. They just happen to be Torba’s fellow tribesmen.

Andrew Torba has a last name I recognize immediately, given my time in the Slavic world. торба is the word for wallet, or moneybag in Ukraine and Poland. You guys literally just gave a million dollars to a guy named moneybags. The absurd caricature that is in front of us right now is more laughably ironic than what I might have written about in fiction.

The partners he chose in this operation to defraud you were a Turkish Moslem and a scheming Indian. Did you know that the only non-European countries to ever have Constitutional guarantees of free speech were Japan and Hong Kong, because Europeans wrote their constitutional documents for them after conquering them? A Semite, a Turk, and an Indian will never support a worldview that aligns with free speech. The Gab founders are rogues, liars, and vagabonds, as is common amongst their peoples.

Twitter was after two months a more usable and useful product than Gab is now after well over a year of its existence, with much less capital expended on it during that period. Torba does not know how to build product. He isn’t interested in building a product. What he wants to do is take up all the capital available from the pool of people that are desperate to have free speech and then deprive them of the very thing they paid for, thus making it impossible for an actual free speech alternative to appear. He just uses the rhetoric of liberty, but he himself despises it. It took years for Twitter to move from the “free speech wing of the free speech party.” It’s taken Gab a couple months after seeing the investment pile in. The only thing you are paying for is liberty. Without Constitutional liberty, Gab has no product except a really awful Twitter knockoff that you have to pay for. There is no point to the site at all.

Torba and his Asian friends just took you for a ride. He never intended to give you free speech. He just wanted to milk the magapedes for a million dollars. You know it is so because I just empirically proved it, in public.

Gab investors, this is your last chance to get out of Torba’s multimillion dollar social media scam. He has no intent to deliver your freedom. Go get your money back before it is too late.

StartEngine’s red cancel button does nothing, by the way (pretty suspect). So when canceling your investment, be sure to contact them directly. They don’t actually let you cancel with the button. If your dashboard does not look like this, your investment isn’t cancelled yet:

If you want to continue to see my shitposts, I’ll be on VK.