The major ways to support my work are as follows.

I can currently receive recurring credit card payments via HatreonThe service is still invite only so please use invite code OLCRGFRQBOEX when signing up.

I heartily encourage you to consider cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin: 1JTeYcsx37XTq5NRgjepAHDqaLHTZUL88a

  • also Ethereum: 0x3BDD560c6827D4CA9B91630c757e2aD3BD88eCdb
  • Dash: XyrbhhXnH2NPtxXKuJyfRgA3F1HAtvF4KR
  • Litecoin: LbaSXjPXTc8dCyQ4b6CMRQvBtny4JGiAV7
  • Zcash: t1MrZZx5krpaM1mnjbVCheUTnZsxav4qnJ9
  • Ripple: r4P5frZybdemjxiLt2E25qHSVCLgPdD74E
  • and also Monero, which best maintains our privacy (I prefer this most):