Race Ghost S02E01: Two Scoops, Two Genders, Two Terms, Two Womps, Two Starbursts

This is the first episode of the new season of Race Ghost.

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Intro music for this episode:
Atticwaffen feat. weev – Straight Outta Wompton

Outtro music:

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Race Ghost, Roast to Roast S01E05: Feel Good Hit of the Yuletide

It’s Yule today! Finished postproduction for this one just in time for the pagan festivities. We’re joined by Mike Enoch of TheRightStuff.biz for our last show of the year. We’ll return early next year after the holiday season is over.

When this show was recorded it mentions us wanting to support Dennis Mothersbaugh’s Goyfundme for Christmas. Unfortunately, the site has been shoahed. Cantwell is getting ahold of people in Charlottesville jail now and we’re going to collect book requests and make sure everyone gets what they want. Fuck the Jews for killing the commissary crowdfunds of political prisoners right before Christmas.

Download links:

Race Ghost, Roast to Roast S01E04: Thötterdämmerung

In this episode Voltar and Race Ghost discuss the twilight of the thots as Tara McCarthy demands mandatory white knight defense squads and Lauren Southern burns coal.


Music for this episode:

  • Polk County Pogrom – Dirty Jew
  • PHROZEN CREW – Faena MyID 3.5.5 keygen

Race Ghost, Roast to Roast S01E03: Eulogy for Ironmarch

Ironmarch disappeared in the dead of night, and we talked with influential Ironmarch poster Zeiger about it and other topics like data redundancy and quadcopter rape gangs.

Archive of much of Ironmarch’s most important work available here.

Downloads available on:

Race Ghost Roast to Roast S01E02: Charlie Loves You

Voltar and I return this week to bring you an episode centered on Charles Manson. We have a special guest this week, Meepsheep from superstar troll organization GNAA. We talk about some of the pioneering work he did in the trolling field, and its timeliness for the current era.

Download links:

Race Ghost: Roast to Roast Episode 1

A new podcast, Race Ghost: Roast to Roast, with my co-host Voltar. I sound not great in the beginning because my recording software was putting my own voice in my ear on a lag and it was tripping me up but I got pretty used to it after a minute. The next episode will be better on that front I am sure.

Download links: