An Open Letter to Christopher Cantwell

It’s been a a week since you declared Hunter Wallace the desired “leader” of some sort of movement.

Archive available here.

Surrounding this event you and Hunter have been attempting to propagate a fictional narrative that I am collecting user data from all the sites I manage and giving it over to Jewry. There’s just one problem with this narrative. There is a single figure on record who has abused administrative access to forums populated by racists and given over its user data to such ilk: your wondrous leader, Hunter Wallace.

Many years ago, Hunter Wallace was given administrative access to The Phora, a bulletin board where racial issues were discussed. Under the pretext that people had insulted his Jewish friend, he gave his access to the administrative functions of the forum software to a third party. That third party used Hunter’s access credentials to backdoor the forum software long enough to collect the passwords of everyone saying naughty things about race. Then they broke into the email accounts and other associated services and hijacked them if they had reused the passwords. They also reported people to their employers and got them fired.

Now, you and Hunter are going to claim that I’m a Jew and that I’m making this up, and even if I post the screenshots that people have saved in regards to this event you’ll just claim they are forged. Which is why it is far more useful to reference a VNN thread where Alex Linder and other people with strong community history chronicled these events years ago– including Hunter’s involvement with the family of Morris Dees, and his criminal actions against members of The Phora.

Archive available here.

Now, Hunter Wallace has never written an exploit and has no idea how to do so. Software exploits don’t grow on trees, generally cost as much as a car, and The Phora was patched to latest. He collaborated with other people, and somebody with extremely deep pockets or a relatively large supply of software exploits provided the bits of software that let the forum be taken over via his administrative access. The largest supplies of software exploits are held by the United States government and Israel, by the way.

Later this situation was glossed over and forgotten, because Hunter Wallace made a big show about being committed to a mental institution and being medicated, as well as a number of other dramatic displays that made people forget about this particular chapter. Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to what happens on this corner of the Internet, but I do. I never forget, Chris.

That’s what has had me laughing so hard this past couple weeks: you are accusing me of performing in secret the very behavior that dear leader Hunter Wallace has publicly engaged in.

In contrast, for the past fourteen years of my life, I have been providing systems services to thought criminals. Right now, thirty-six sites in 10 languages are dependent on my solutions. Not one of these sites have ever suffered a compromise of user data, all while serving billions of page renders. That’s a pretty solid and consistent reputation. I’ve given faithful service to every single person that has ever had technical issues in this space, no matter how small.

Up to and including you. Might want to explain situations like these to the people you’ve told I give away dox for the Jews, Chris!

Of course, you don’t need to dox community members through spy-like infiltration like Hunter did if you can only convince them that marching in the streets with neo-Nazi gangs is a good idea.

You’ve been attempting to discredit me continually since it was revealed that you are a federal informant. You claimed you were only working against antifa. If that’s true, you could easily send the evidence you’ve collected against them by a concise written notice. We all have seen how you act under pressure, Chris. We’ve all seen you break down and cry. Now you’ve publicly declared the single most subversive SPLC agent in the room as your leader. Everybody that’s even remotely notable remembers everything Hunter Wallace has ever done. We know the whole litany of his sins. We’re supposed to believe that it is just a coincidence that you’ve elected the guy engaged in his behavior as your representative? I’m not buying it, and nobody with their head on their shoulders is either.

Today you sent me an email, begging for private correspondence and unity.

If I were a Jew whose only purpose here is to dox people, why would you possibly want to cooperate personally with me? This email reveals your psychology– your and Hunter’s campaign against me was a cynical, coordinated operation dictated to you. Now that it has failed (your metrics are now garbage and you have no way to change that) you want to frantically abort this and try to come back to the table so you can try to grow an audience significant enough to be effectively subversive with. Sucks to be you.

You can join the massive group of other FBI informants that want to speak to me. Why would I possibly be in any private contact with an FBI informant? I forgave a lot of things from you, Chris. Your “experiments” with homosexuality, your disgraceful public masturbation, your generally objectionable personal demeanor. Seeing you break down and cry made us feel sorry for you, but pity will only excuse so much. Your behavior has dried up that well forever.

You’re never coming back to the table. You don’t belong in the halls of people who accomplish useful things. The candidacy of Donald Trump proved that our ideas were popular and electorally viable as long as they were packaged with a veneer of success and innovation. Instead of capitalizing on that, you people quadrupled down on goon marches and Hal Turnerism and burned the house down. Given your and Hunter’s past and present behavior, there’s little chance that was not intentional.

Nobody will ever forget how you’ve acted, Chris. There’s only one thing that can redeem you after your disgraceful conduct: a glorious death. I plan on retiring to Fólkvangr one day. If you beat me to such hallowed halls all will be forgiven, but I have a strong feeling that when I’m staring at Freyja’s ass you’re going to be rotting in Hel alongside all those afflicted with cowardice.

Goodbye, Chris. You and your new leader do whatever you want, but federal informants will never have anything to do with anything I’m doing. You, Hunter, and Hovater should go suck off the cops together.

Featured image shamelessly stolen from the chans.

An open letter to Matt Parrott

In the years since it was revealed you had meetings with law enforcement you’ve shown increasingly erratic behavior that I think that you need to address for the safety of people around you.

Instead of simply saying that your meetings with law enforcement were a mistake, first you claimed they didn’t happen and that I was lying. Now you claim that it was only the state police. You continue to justify your actions in talking to cops. FYI, it is unacceptable to talk to cops– even if it is only the state police– about movement activities in any form. Here’s a good explanation of why:

Please watch this video. I have linked it several times in relation to you. Please refute the attorney’s points and tell the world why it was okay for you to talk to law enforcement. Years have gone by and it is a little late after so much shilling for you to simply say, “well, it was a bad idea and I won’t do it again– anyone that talks to cops now is a traitor and not welcome around me.” That would be the correct and rational thing to do, and people would accept it– or at least I would. Instead you descend into personal attacks. Why do you do that when confronted with the issue of meetings with law enforcement? Why do you take this as a personal attack on your operations? Why is it integral for you to talk to cops?

Now comes this recent issue of membership lists. Instead of explaining why your lists are good (in response to a post that you weren’t even named in) you go into some insane fugue. The only justification that you air is this:

Some folks wish to lead, wish to make a stand, wish to be more fully vetted by our leadership,

But it’s absolutely obvious you can’t vet with a real name or address. That provides nothing for you. Informants and infiltrators get into organized crime rings which have budgets of $100MM and can threaten people with execution. You think you’re somehow going to do better than them? The only way you can vet people is by growing a metric of trust by their actions over time– which is something that can be done with equal efficacy whether you know them by “Uncle Adolf” or “Joshua Connor Moon”. Why do you need real names to vet people?

Once again, if you have some sort of unique system for telling someone’s intentions just by a short string of text, let the world know, that’s probably something you could make millions off of. If not, you should probably focus on deleting data which you don’t need and shouldn’t retain.

No lists is timeless advice. James Mason said it in SIEGE. Some of SIEGE has not stood up to the test of time, but this advice is even more relevant now in the age of the Internet where you don’t need to make physical mailing lists for people to read your ideas.

It’s weird that the site that is pro-American and just about meme posting is taking security more seriously than the close affiliation of groups who say America is irredeemable and secession or overthrowing the US government is the only real solution. It seems to me it should be the inverse if you were actually making an honest attempting at doing what you claim you are doing. Either you’re not making an honest attempt or you’re not thinking clearly about it.

Finally, your fraudulence reaches its peak in your claims about me. While some of them are publicly debunked already, I will dissect this one:

Furthermore, I am an IT professional who specializes in security, DDOS, and hacking issues. Unlike some self-promoting recent arrivals whose claim to fame is that they got busted with a social engineering “hack,”

Firstly, you are not remotely tangental to the information security industry, which I have interacted with my entire adult life until dedicating myself fulltime to this movement. You have never published a single exploit. I can point to some of mine (CVE-2010-1099) that are not the bug that got me arrested. Furthermore, there was absolutely no social engineering in the bug disclosure that the feds used as pretext to falsely arrest me. It was found entirely by technical analysis– finding the iPad encryption keys on the device, decrypting the caches on the OS and running strings to find the URL in question. You can listen to the prosecutor describe it in court transcripts, if you want third party details on what happened. The only public spectacle I’ve created that can said to not involve any kind of technical action was my Twitter ads thing, which to be honest was still pretty fucking brilliant.

The hack that got me busted is hardly my only claim to fame. Years before being indicted by the feds (and years before you had done anything related to racial activism), I was being quoted about the Jewish control over finance in articles related to trolling in the New York Times magazine. Before Heimbach was doing his white student union, my racist podcast with tens of thousands of viewers was getting attacked in magazines like Fortune. You are the self-promoting recent arrival, not me. I typically downplay my involvement. You don’t even know how many sites depend on me.

I was responsible for dozens of high profile hacks– I selectively disclosed a bug in LJ (biggest social media site in the world at that time, in 2006) to my hacker crew that lead to widespread posting of fake suicide notes on livejournals. I was part of doing all sorts of clever and funny things to Freenode. I removed every faggot book on Amazon from their search rankings, to a torrential rain of sodomite tears. I have a long and storied history that extends before and after my false arrest, up to and including printing millions of leaflets on other people’s printers.

If you had the kind of mind that would be able to think of any of this stuff you would have already been doing it bro. You’re a PHP monkey, not a hacker. Your attempt to pretend your information security accolades exceed mine is a form of laughable fraud, Parrott. You have no references in that sphere, while my public ones are far too numerous to list in two paragraphs. My private ones filled a multi-page CV once, back when I was actually employed in that industry which you are not a part of.

This is the underlying issue with you. When confronted with sane, rational criticisms of your actions, from interacting with law enforcement authorities to marching around with drug addled street thugs and obvious informants in stahlhelms, you respond with abject histrionics, deflections, and lies. Now you are curiously allying yourselves with the establishment media, feds, and the SPLC against the most censored publication in history.

It’s very curious that you have managed to have absolutely zero trouble with law enforcement. I started talking about Jews in public in 2006 (far before your partner was shilling for Israel) and after I got good at it they tried to frame me for terrorism so the FBI could have pretext to drop my name to Jewish groups, and when that showed no sign of stopping me they falsely indicted me, arrested me, bulldozed my home, and tortured me. You seem to have had no trouble advocating for neo-Nazi anti-racist Russian Orthodox Christian feminist communist anti-Americanism alongside the Oxycontin romper stomper crews. This, given your other behaviors, is pretty suspect.

FYI, your covenant partner NSM (who also keep lists) have been named specifically in the FBI false flag terror attack against a train in rural Nebraska. You know, the one that was done in total silence with no injuries and only a brief train stop, and that people only found out about because Jewish advocacy groups have PACER alerts for terms like Nazi and white supremacist? Can you imagine if the feds arrested a real white supremacist terrorist? There would be nationwide wall to wall coverage of their victorious press conference. Why would the feds have him put business cards from groups like the NSM in his wallet, do you think? If you can’t see what is happening you’re an absolute drooling retard.

Parrott, I understand you are feeling enormous pressure and having some sort of emotional issues as a result. Nothing else could possibly explain this latest meltdown over a post you or TWP weren’t even cited in. Nobody would blame you if you found something else to do for a while. I understand that you and your partner are much newer arrivals to realtalk than I and have not found a lot of success in it. We’d be happy to help you think of ways you could act that don’t involve risky behaviors with questionable individuals. If you come to your senses, you’ll be welcomed back into our movement.  Until then, have fun in your ghetto full of degenerates that think it’s okay to talk to police. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun in your special outfits.

A response to Paul Ramsey’s boomerposting

I am put in the uncomfortable position of needing to come to the defense of Richard B. Spencer. As regular readers of this blog may know, I am amongst Spencer’s fiercest critics. However, there’s something that’s far worse than Richard Spencer. These things are even worse than a Jew, they are (may Wotan forgive me for uttering this word) the boomers. We must come up with an answer to the boomer question because there is no more vile, base, or low form of life on the planet than these people. Today Ramzpaul is busy on Twitter making absurd claims and I’m going to expose this lying boomer faggot.

Firstly, Spencer and I have never been associated with one another at any point. I believe years ago, before I was banned from Twitter, I sent Spencer a DM to insult him for inviting that sodomite Jack Donovan to his conference. That’s the limit of my contact with him.

Secondly, I am hardly Jewish. Years ago, before Ramzpaul was even involved with nationalist political causes, I was creating the foundations of racist shitposting meme culture by creating a series of videos and podcasts called the iProphet (here’s a sample, but most has been permanently lost to shoah and FBI hard drive seizures) as well as making the lulz a serious political dialectic and building up a site called Encyclopedia Dramatica into the Alexa top 1000 range, which made it the biggest site with a significant body of racist humor in world history. At its peak it was significantly bigger than Daily Stormer. It got my pseudonym, Joseph Evers, indicted for human rights violations in Australia because of its article on abbos.

Anyways, this era of memes resulted in the FBI trying to frame me for a threat to a synagogue. Seriously, an informant called in a threat to a synagogue and then they release my name and license plate saying they want to find me so they can investigate my connection to it. They never released the informant’s name that actually made the call.

Anyways this resulted in me being doxed and lots of people attacked my parents. My parents did what Mike Enoch’s family did, which did everything they could to signal against me. During this process, my mother claimed that I had a great-great grandparent that was Jewish. I took it at face value at the time and thought it was funny. It turned out not to be true, as /pol/ has gone through my ancestry to the early 19th century and found only Mennonites. It is absolutely hilarious to see you fed shills turn around and claim I’m a kike as a result of statements that were extorted from my shitlib mother under threat of JDL and antifa because I built modern trolling culture and the Internet racism that extended from it- which is the only reason why this movement is even a thing at all you dumb boomer fuck.

This is straight up retarded. He is multiplying the total sum of all 187 Bitcoin that address has ever received and multiplying it by the current all-time high price of Bitcoin. Or at least, he tried and did the multiplication wrong (even the SPLC managed to do this right). This month it has received a total of 0.19240638 BTC, or about $1100. Less than the previous month, in line with the monthly average this past year. Hardly a giant pile of riches. If you go back in time and see when I started doing operations for the WN sites you’ll notice the nominal dollar amounts took a gigantic dive as well. Which means I started making a lot less money since I started doing WN stuff, FYI, because nobody else was up to the task and I believe in it. I’ve also repeatedly sought out a qualified replacement (I don’t actually like working at below market rates, trust me) but have yet to find one that has the appropriate temperament, skill set, and willingness to actually do the fucking work.

What about you, Ramz? Have you sacrificed lucrative opportunities, been harassed by federal agents, imprisoned, tortured, and driven from multiple countries for the cause of European renewal? Nope, you bring perfidious Jewesses to meetings in federal buildings.

Yes, the payouts are regular because I work for a living you dumb fuck. Fuck off with your cheap fed suits and your decades of no employment history, just go bring more kikes to meetings in federal buildings. Everyone knows who the fuck I am working for and what exactly I am fucking doing, but what about you? Where did you come from? What were you doing in the decades before you managed to become le nationalist COINTEL infiltrator? Oddly fuzzy bit of history you’ve got there.

The charge of “fake Nazis” is most ludicrous of all. I have repeatedly said that every time I use the term “neo-Nazi white supremacist” it is entirely tongue-in-cheek. I have never been a “Nazi” and don’t know what that term means in the modern era outside of the street goons like the NSM who I’ve never had a conversation with and want to avoid entirely. For years now every time I am asked a sincere question about Hitler, National Socialism, or my political ideology I talk about memes and how I don’t actually think the record of Hitler is great at all. I usually identify with the governance style of Franco or Vargas, who managed to implement fascism without getting involved in massive world wars. Here’s an instance from February of last year to show I’m not making this up:

When we say the phrase “neo-Nazi white supremacist” the purpose is to troll retards like journalists, Jews, and boomers. Only an infantile boomer thinks Adolf Hitler is “the ultimate evil”, as Ramzpaul claims, or that Adolf Hitler is the beginning and end of fascism. Good job Ramzsaul, you filthy, dumb, boomer scum.

Anyways if the feds are shilling this hard against Spencer maybe he isn’t all bad. Either that or it is staged to make me like him more.